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Why Shipping Rates in May Surged?


Why Shipping Rates in May Surged?

2024-05-20 13:41:00

Shipping costs have surged again even in the traditional off-season. 

Main four reasons are as follows:

1.European routes have been significantly affected by the crisis in the Red Sea, forcing ships to detour around Africa. The African route originally had limited capacity, but this year has seen an influx of vessels. Longer voyages and increased transshipment ports have led to more vessels needing to operate. Extended journeys, coupled with port congestion have resulted in many containers not returning. This is also the main reason for the recent container shortage.


2.The price increase in South America is mainly due to Brazil’s and Mexico’s plans to impose additional tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles in July and beyond. Many automakers are desperately shipping to these regions without actual orders. According to a source, an automaker has already shipped more than 100,000 vehicles. Electric vehicle companies have seized the majority of shipping resources. Many shipping companies withdrew vessels from running to West Africa for these large orders, leading to a general increase in rates in West Africa. These EV makers not only compete for shipping resources, but also reportedly fill up destination ports’ yards quickly with automobiles. 

3.The US election has been claiming future tariffs of 50-60% on Chinese goods near the election day. Some Chinese companies increase their investment in South America. Additionally many importers are stocking up in advance, causing the peak season to arrive early.


4.Shipping giants are taking advantage of the above reasons and actively raising prices together. Exporting companies need to plan their shipping schedules in advance, as everyone is scrambling for containers. Estimated time of arrival(ETA) is also unstable. 

If you have shipments coming up, please closely monitor price changes and arrange suitable cargo space. Amasia Group is always here to support you.